Transparent and ambitious climate action

We work to provide policymakers around the world with tools and support to measure and assess the impacts of their climate actions

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Guidance Development Spotlight: Transformational Change

With limited time and resources and the enormous climate change facing us, country leaders cannot afford to enact policies that don’t fundamentally shift emissions and sustainable development outcomes. The Transformational Change Guidance will support policy makers in defining policies that have the greatest potential to promote decarbonisation and sustainable development. Read more

Climate Action and the Sustainable Development Goals

Climate action and sustainable development are linked global and national challenges. The ICAT Sustainable Development Guidance aims to support country practitioners to identify and promote synergies in monitoring and reporting on their policies. Read more

Improving the Transparency of Climate Action

Following the Paris Agreement, countries are now hard at work turning their climate commitments into concrete actions. The Paris Agreement set out a process for countries to strengthen their national climate plans every five years, starting before 2020. This regular cycle to review and improve climate action ensures that the Paris Agreement will serve as a dynamic, long-lasting accord that is responsive to the evolving understanding of the effectiveness of climate policies, shifts in technology, emerging economic opportunities and growing public support.

But the question remains: How will countries measure their progress and demonstrate they are achieving their goals? Read more


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