We seek input from a broad range of stakeholders as part of the ongoing inclusive, multi-stakeholder process by which the ICAT guidance is being developed. More than 160 technical working group members contributed to this initial guidance.

The 10 guidance documents that comprise the ICAT series of guidance provide methods focused on helping users assess the impacts of policies and actions that:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Achieve sustainable development outcomes, and
  • Drive transformational change.

Your comments on the guidance will help ensure that the guidance is clear and meets country needs. Reviewers are encouraged to provide feedback on any guidance documents relevant to their needs and/or experience.

Provide comments using Collaborase 

Our public consultation will be run through Collaborase. Collaborase is an online system that facilitates transparency by collating all submitted comments on one interactive platform. It allows commenters to provide comments by section, save comments and return at a later date and update previously made comments. Collaborase can also be easily accessed with mobile devices such as a smartphone.

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For more information on the guidance, feedback sought and how to comment via Collaborase, please sign up for a webinar.


We strongly prefer receiving comments in Collaborase and we think you’ll find it easiest to use; however if you are unable to access the software and/or need to download documents to review offline, please use the below PDFs and comments template. All comments made outside of Collaborase must be made in the Comment Template linked below.

ICAT Comment Template

Introductory Guide First Draft

GHG Guidance:

Renewable Energy Guidance First Draft | Buildings Efficiency Guidance First Draft | Transport Pricing Guidance First Draft | Agriculture Guidance First Draft | Forest Guidance First Draft

Other Impact Assessment Guidance:

Sustainable Development Guidance First Draft | Transformational Change Guidance First Draft

Supporting Guidance:

Stakeholder Participation Guidance First Draft | Technical Review Guidance First Draft | Non-State and Subnational Action Guidance