ICAT’s series of guidance focuses on guidance for the assessment of the GHG reduction, sustainable development and transformational change impacts of policies and actions. This guidance can also help inform policy and action design.

The core guidance is supported by complementary guidance on engaging stakeholders, undertaking verification or review of policy and action impacts, and designing and implementing policies and actions to best secure financing.

Select any guidance component to learn more. The Initiative recommends starting with the Introductory Guide.


All draft guidance is currently open for public consultation.

"The Paris agreement calls for greater ambition, and transparency & capacity building are two perennial pillars that call for global collaboration. ICAT aims to do that by developing methodological frameworks that are inclusive, comprehensive and timely... For me, ICAT is an opportunity to be a part of an experience that will leverage the intelligence around the globe to support greater ambition."

Chirag Gajjar, WRI India